Cyclical Reckonings


Ah, we go to such great lengths to set ourselves up for such grand disappointments.

This pitiable world has no hope save for those who dwell upon it.

If this fragile, creaking mess of a planet is going to die, it is going to do so slowly, painfully, and perhapsĀ  a bit ironically.




There are people of a certain type. They seek after such strange things, yet often they are more entranced by their seeking than that which they seek. Rather than one walking along a path, this type is more akin to a diver in a vast ocean. Certainly there are meaningful points here and there to be traveled to and fro, but the vastness of this ocean seems to grant similar meaning to every little stroke and paddle. Nay, perhaps the swimmer himself is the one who grants and, in fact, embodies meaning. Still, there is that feeling of something beyond one’s own domain, a lingering hook from a line long since cast, if you will.

What if those of this type were to come together? What if some wondrous magick were to allow such lonely souls to bridge the abyssal emptiness between one another? What if they forged their bonds with one another in such a manner that they could be called, dare I say it, a society?



So much stirs within this tiny shell. The time has come to release it all.

Is there not a path I can take that will set me free?



I see the man who lured me to the Dark has left this stage. This was inevitable, but the changes he has made to his body of work are quite interesting. Much of what I learned I learned from the comments he has removed, particularly some of the older discussions that I was not around for. The changes he has made seem to reflect his true intentions, at least as far as I’ve read them.

Mr. Sleep seems to have changed his tone somewhat. It appears the time for watching is over, and the time for action has arrived. I’m eager to see where this will lead, if anywhere. I’m looking forward to wondrous things.

As for myself, the things I’ve seen, the understanding I’ve gained, some of it seems to be crystallizing now. Just because you are aware of something, even on an intricate level, does not mean you truly understand it. This is, by its very nature, a slow but consistent process.

“The Dark” is only the beginning, after all…

Who I Am


I am a questioner, an infinitely curious being who seeks true understanding. I have paid the price of having my understanding increased, yet I only wish to continue questioning, seeking, finding and understanding.

I play games sometimes. The reasons should be obvious by now. It is no longer necessary for me to play the games that I’ve played here, though. Once I believed it was all a game. I had given up the deeper search, but never could I escape my yearning for the deeper, darker things.

So here I am, with open eyes but hazy vision. I grow tired of speaking, so I ask all those who have been involved with my journey: Aspire, Nukey, Sleep and, of course, Welldone…

Speak to me.

Too much time passes. The programming persists.

At once I am empty and full.

What is this? This irritating tendency?

How is it overcome?

I will find out.

These eyes have been opened as they were so long ago.

Infinity is the nature of reality.

Dark, Light, Death, Life.

These things have so much in common, do they not?

The basic nature of Life is Death.

The basic nature of Light is Dark.

There is no dichotomy, no separation.

Quite the opposite; they are all fundamentally, inseperably intertwined.

When the Light shines, the Dark is still there.

I understand why those who walk in the Dark speak of it as they do.

This is but the beginning of my understanding.

This is my last opportunity to make an entry.

I will be gone for much longer, now.

I must remain vigilant.

No turning back.



I have encountered something.

I do not know who or what it is.

It is completely Unknown.

Yet it fills me with fear.

That fear thrills me.

I must go.



Suddenly there is a significant change. A vast expanse has opened.

No. I have merely shifted into the vast expanse.

It is consistent; I am not.

I have opened.

Begun to.